Programme Officer - Recruitment

I am a Programme Officer at Making The Leap, and part of the Associate Recruitment team. Our primary day-to-day mission is to help many young people understand what we do as an organisation, and how we can help them achieve their goals and aspirations. Our team is extremely active and constantly about – you will always see us smiling, so if you do find us don’t hesitate to say hi! 

I am the youngest of the team. I’ve experienced the workshop myself, and understanding what it took to work in professional environments benefitted me greatly. After completing the workshop and being offered work experience here, it ultimately opened doors for me to have the opportunity to work at the charity full time. I have now been involved with Making The Leap for over two years. 

The biggest challenges that I see currently for young people are being demotivated and bombarded with antagonistic ideologies especially through media. I believe that there are so many distractions and negativity around us daily which numbs young people and often distracts them from what they aspire to achieve. I believe that encouraging young people to be around more positive environments plays a massive hand in giving that chance for a young person to feel confident enough to follow their dreams and accomplish their goals.

My biggest achievement is definitely being given the opportunity to support young people. I have always been very passionate about young people and their development since I was at school, and in turn I’ve been working to support young people for over 5 years in various areas: it never gets old. As I am a young person myself, I believe that there is so much potential for young people but constantly we are hindered by barriers and walls. Just being able to provide support and in ways becoming a bridge; either inspiring, supporting or guiding them to their success is probably the best reward I could ever ask for. 

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