On 31st August I, along with a group of other Fellows, had the amazing opportunity of visiting MEC Global’s London office with Making The Leap.  MEC is a media company well known for its innovative, ground-breaking ideas in marketing and their clients include famous companies such as Paramount and Netflix. They look at how consumers engage in content, how they behave, and what they buy. It’s the fifth largest agency of its kind in the world and we felt this through every glass wall or window where we saw a view of the Thames, Blackfriars, and Victoria Embankment. It was truly a thriving metropolis in the heart of London’s booming business centre.

So I thought: perhaps I should be a little intimated? Or nervous? Everything about the building and its reputation suggests this. But beyond MEC’s professionalism and productiveness is a sense of warmth and fun from those who work there! We were greeted by Siobhan Brunwin, Associate People & Culture Business Partner, who gave us a tour of the workspace, and then took us to a conference room where we met CEO Jason Dormieux (and were treated with a continental breakfast full of Danish pastries!) Jason was kind enough to tell us about the impact of social media, and how media has changed in the last 30 years from print to digital.

Equally interesting was Jason’s backstory about growing up in a rough part of London. He told us that no matter who you are or where you come from, you can strive to do anything, a sentiment that resonated with all of us.

It was also great to see so many young people working at MEC as professionals – some of whom have only been at the company for months and delivered to us a brilliant presentation on their role and how far they have come.

One impression I was left with was how excited MEC employees were about working here, how they felt like coming into the office was a joyful experience, and the importance MEC places on taking care of their staff. They train young people and graduates with purpose and a legacy in mind. Making The Leap and MEC definitely share these incredible traits and I’m grateful to have had such a fantastic experience – topped off with a stunning view of the City on the rooftop!

I couldn’t have imagined myself six months ago somewhere like this. After completing the workshop with Making The Leap, the barriers that were difficult to break through between myself and potential employees are now impermanent. I’m not only excited for myself and opportunities with Making The Leap, but also for the Fellows that come after me.


By Olivia Bascombe, Fellow

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