Alex really enjoyed her degree in in Computer Science, but knew when she graduated that she wanted to apply her technology skills in a more inspiring environment. She applied to several graduate schemes, but was rejected each time at the first stage. Feeling increasingly hopeless, she began searching for her Plan B. When a leaflet came through her door advertising Making The Leap, Alex decided to get in touch, and discovered that the workshop would help her improve her skills. She wanted to be proactive for her future, so signed up.

From the first day of the workshop, Alex told herself she wanted to give it 100%. She found she enjoyed it instantly. Her group bonded quickly, and it was a cooperative space to be in. She found the workshop helped her to become more self-reflective, and noticed that she had more faith in her abilities. Following the workshop, we organised an insight day for Alex at one of the world’s biggest marketing companies. It was a pivotal experience for her: she was inspired by how passionate the employees were about their jobs. This taster of the different departments made her think that she could really enjoy – and excel – working for a media agency. Alex applied to a subsidiary of the marketing company, and with our support, she was offered the role of Ad Operator Trafficker – a position where she’ll be able to apply her knowledge of computer systems with her passion for creative environments. It’s a really exciting company, offering courses for her to develop and opportunities to progress.

‘Making The Leap helped me a great deal to build up the confidence and the skills to go to the interview and not panic. Everyone at the charity was very supportive, very patient and very nice: it’s the kind of environment you always want to come back to! You can make a lot of friends here, and help each other grow. Making The Leap was something I’d never tried before but I completely enjoyed it and I learned so much. Success takes time and effort. It doesn’t happen overnight and there are skills and personality traits that need refining. Sometimes in life you get knocked down but it’s about getting up again, having a positive attitude and challenging yourself.

When I got the job offer, it came like a big surprise for me. I was hoping for the best and I achieved that perfectly. I feel ecstatic, I’m over the moon. I can’t wait to start learning and progressing forwards! I know that the future has endless possibilities for many good things.’

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