I’m from North-West London. I graduated in 2018 with a 2:1 in Economics and Management from Brunel University London. After graduating, I decided it was time to step out of my comfort zone and welcome new experiences. I travelled to six countries across South-East Asia and Australia. On my return, I was expecting to come back with answers and know what I wanted from life, but instead I was still confused and looking for answers. But one thing I did know is that I was all for new challenges. 

Whilst attending my job search appointment, I saw a Making the Leap leaflet and thought let’s see what they’re about. In July 2019, I attended the 3-week ACE Programme, I remember being told that “every single person will leave here learning at least one thing”. That was true, I left with more self-confidence and belief that I was on the right path – my own path. With being open to new experiences and stepping out of my comfort zone, I networked and pitched myself to companies at the Social Mobility Careers Fair hosted by Making the Leap. This is where my career officially began. Mindshare was a company I was not aware of, but after speaking to the representatives I was intrigued to find out more. Networking further with the company, I managed to bag an interview! Applying to Mindshare; a media company was not one I expected as I thought the chances of me getting a job in an industry, I know so little of, were low. But after the 3-stage interview process I received the long-awaited good news. I am currently an Ecommerce Account Executive at Mindshare, working with Unilever and Amazon. To sum up my experience so far, I would definitely say it has been interesting, challenging, and fun (there are certainly some worthwhile perks being in the media industry!). 

Making the Leap have been amazing, and I would recommend anyone struggling to find a job to be open to help. The support and opportunities I received whilst with Making the Leap and after, has helped me in more ways than one. Thank you to those that have been part of my journey! 

By Bindiya, 25 

Bindiya and her cohort on a corporate experience day.

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