My name is Denise and before I joined Making The Leap, I was in Sixth Form struggling to figure out what my next steps would be. I had failed a majority of my GCSEs and I knew that I had to pick myself up and improve, this is where my journey of self-development started. 

I found Making The Leap through a college fair and decided to complete their August 2019 workshop. The workshop helped me overcome so many obstacles that were blocking me from finding a good part-time job with reputable companies, rather than relying on restaurants jobs that took me nowhere. I had the chance to learn how to adjust my CV for job roles and how to approach recruiters through emails, which was something that I did not consider when I was first applying for jobs. One of my highlights was having the opportunity to go to Snapchat headquarters and learn about their different roles and having the chance to hear about their employees’ journeys and recognising that their stories were similar to mine. 

After completing the workshop, I realised that I had more potential than I expected and being honest with my mentor allowed me to start my growth process. I now look at my traits and skills as something that has allowed me to go through open doors rather than viewing myself as under-qualified for the role.  After months of pushing through with barriers such as the Global Pandemic, I can now say that I am an apprentice at Mindshare and I also have a part-time job at The Co-Operative. Having the opportunity to have these jobs has given me the confidence to keep working hard and to be patient and wait for opportunities to open up. I now see myself running businesses of my own in the future, one being a school that offers similar services to Making The Leap and another running my own cosmetic business. I can honestly say that Making The Leap has allowed me to think positively about the process and to not give up when faced with rejections. 

If I had to give advice to any young person who is thinking or want to join Making The Leap, is to let your guard down and trust in your career coach/mentor. In a few weeks, they can help guide you and give you the tools needed to improve yourself and unleash your full potential.  

By Denise

Denise and her cohort at Snapchat HQ.

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