I graduated from university earlier this year and struggled to find a job in the following months, sending out what felt like hundreds of applications with little response. I particularly struggled with interviews, often failing at that stage of the application process. 

I was recommended to sign up for Making The Leap and was immediately drawn to the friendliness of the organisation. I was reassured that the other Associates were all in a similar position to me and were also struggling with their confidence. I thoroughly enjoyed the variety of workshops; I felt that I was improving my employability skills and my confidence. Everyone in the group was kind and friendly; creating a supportive atmosphere which allowed us to push ourselves out of our comfort zones and practice various interview/public speaking skills – something we all found difficult. 

My participation in the Virtual ACE Programme undoubtedly boosted my confidence and improved my awareness of what employers are specifically seeking. Following the Programme, Making The Leap also set me up with a ‘Career Champion’. I was lucky enough to be paired with an experienced HR Professional, who has given me generous and invaluable help with my CV and interview techniques. I was recently invited for an interview and, this time, I got the job! After months of disappointment, I am relieved and delighted to say that I am now working in a role within the Legal Sector. I have finally got my ‘foot in the door’, building valuable experience towards my career goals. I am very grateful to both Making The Leap and my Career Champion for all their help – I would strongly recommend the programme to anyone!

By Eleanor

Eleanor and her cohort

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