We are delighted to share with you news of our newly launched website, MTLZA.com, designed to focus on engaging directly with our young people in their individual journeys to a career. But don’t worry, MTL.org.uk is not going anywhere!  

Here at Making The Leap, we have a very important mission, to transform the lives and futures of young people in the UK who come from disadvantaged backgrounds, by providing training to raise their aspirations and develop their skills, behaviours and attitudes to choose and succeed in a career. However, over the last 27 years, we have grown as an organisation – and as we have grown, we recognise that our goal has continued to grow too. We realise our mission is being received by a diverse audience; not just the young people who want to improve their future opportunities, but the amazing businesses and sponsors who want to help these young people progress – who in turn recognise our involvement in this journey. 

We exist to help young disadvantaged people, and MTLZA.com will be talking directly to them, whilst here at MTL.org.uk our message will be to you who help us help them Check out MTLZA.com if you’d like to see what’s new there. 

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