‘A testimonial can mean a multitude of things, but the definition I am most fond of is ‘a declaration of truth’.  So it is my personal truth that Making The Leap is an unique opportunity.  For many like myself on this programme it was a bridge between their old and new selves. Our generation has grown up with wonderful ideals about a future lives, the connections we will make, and our careers.    

Sometimes the aspirations we have as children change or we keep these aspirations hidden in fear of rejection and failure. We’re constantly bombarded in the news and media about who we’re meant to be and what we’re meant to be doing that sometimes we feel like caricatures rather than human beings. At MTL, we felt human again, ready to be vulnerable but bold. We were able to realise our potential and allow ourselves to be hopeful again.

A lot of us on the programme surprised ourselves and our colleagues. Those who felt shy began to speak more. Those who felt they had little to offer employers realised they were more ready for work than they knew. We achieved things we never imagined we could do and encouraged each other to continue their progress.

The past three weeks have not been easy. But easy is simple to accomplish. Challenges make us cross bridges. They make us change, develop, and question. Much like a caterpillar’s transformation into a butterfly, we are all aware of the magnificent outcome. However, this is a common story we sometimes misread. A metamorphosis is driven by hard work, determination, and strength. On this workshop, we began to understand that in order to change our perception of ourselves, and the way we look at the workforce, we had to be willing to push ourselves beyond our limits. Since my first day at MTL, I’ve made meaningful friendships, amazing memories, and new hopes for the future. Most importantly, I can testify that your time at Making The Leap is only the beginning of a long, exciting renovation into the person you envision yourself to be.’

Olivia Bascombe is a twenty-three year old MTL Fellow. She’s an aspiring writer, hoping to enter into a literary and editorial career.


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