At my previous workplace, my manager would rarely, if ever, have time to meet with me and give feedback on my work. This led to me becoming more detached from the work I was doing and greatly impacted the enjoyment I felt from my workplace.

When I joined the Virtual ACE Programme, I learnt how to take pride in my work for the sake of the work itself and the time I have put into it. I also feel like I have practised skills on how to be a responsible employee and I can now proactively make changes to my working habits or the working environment when necessary.

Now I am a data analyst at an Insurance company, and I am happy and fulfilled in the word that I do. I am fortunate to be surrounded by a team of excellent colleagues and an amazing boss. The skills I gained from Making the Leap has made wonders in developing my confidence in the workplace.


Thank you so much, Making The Leap!!!


By Qays

Qays and his MTL cohort.



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