Rahul grew up in a small community, in the type of place where everyone knew everyone, so moving to London for university was a big adjustment for him. It took time to get used to a different lifestyle, at the same time as studying for his degree in maths and living alone for the first time. After he graduated, he began looking for a career but over time lost hope when he struggled to find an opportunity.

A friend told Rahul about MTL. Though he was initially nervous, he liked the professional atmosphere and he found it easy to get along with everyone. Daily presentations were initially nerve-wracking but he found it easier each day and actually began to enjoy it. Before, he was anxious about starting a new job and not knowing anyone, but at MTL he noticed his teamwork and interpersonal skills improve, and now he feels prepared. He also discovered that the workshop provided him with industry insights and career paths he hadn’t considered. Through MTL’s support, Rahul achieved a role at PwC, where he’ll be working in data analysis and reporting. He’s going to get loads of experience, and is really excited for all the learning opportunities now open to him.

‘I would say that when I got this role it was really big for me. How many people get to say they’ve worked for PwC? I didn’t think that would ever happen in my life. When I got it, it felt like a dream come true. I don’t know what my career will look like or what the destination is, but now it’s not just closed doors. I know that there is a progression, I’ve got a path to get there.

Coming here, it cleared my mind and gave me that fresh start. I began to trust that it would work out at some point. They’ll just say all these positive things to you and if you need any advice on anything, you can come here and there’s someone which is really good. I’d say come to MTL as soon as you can. Everything I’ve done since MTL has been a lot more productive. I’d tell any young person- whether you’re feeling positive or not, you should come here. Especially if you need to build your confidence like I did, it just reaffirms your faith in yourself. You are like a new person, you let a lot of the negativity go. If you have any issues like that you should definitely come here.’

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