Ruxshin is a year twelve student at a Wembley school. Whilst in her spare time she takes a keen interest in property, cooking and quiz shows, she is also very focused on her future and has begun thinking about career options. When a friend mentioned they were thinking of pursuing finance, Ruxshin thought that it could be an excellent way to combine her interest in maths, economics and current affairs, so decided to find out more about what a career-path in finance might look like.

Ruxshin had first encountered Making The Leap once before, at a mock interview day at her school. Her first ever interview experience, it helped her to recognise the kind of questions that can be asked. The fact that she was interviewed by a professional volunteer she hadn’t met before – rather than a parent or a teacher – also really helped her to feel more confident about future interviews.

When a member of Making The Leap came to her school to give an assembly about opportunities at PwC, she thought it sounded like a valuable way of learning more about the financial sector. She decided to apply for the Business Insight Week, which would take place in her summer holidays. Making The Leap supported her through the lengthy application process. Ruxshin found the regular contact from staff really helpful, as it motivated her to keep up with her application. When she was invited to the assessment centre, she had frequent phonecalls with Making The Leap while they coached her for what to expect and how to impress on the day. Ruxshin felt gave her an edge over other candidates and she went into the assessment centre feeling prepared and confident.

Ruxshin was successful at the assessment centres and has achieved a highly-competitive place at a week-long work experience, where she will get to find out about all the different sectors in finance, shadow different employees, and understand how they got into their roles. This experience will give her a valuable insight into different career paths and help her to make future decisions, as well as showing her what it’s like to work for a Big 4 company.

Ruxshin says:

‘I feel more connected- like I have the ability to get into PwC, whereas before it felt like such a big thing. I’m hoping this Business Insight week will help me to know what kind of role in finance I want to do in my career. I want to see what it’s actually like in real life because I’ve not ever seen a finance workplace. I think that just being accepted into the work experience, I now feel like I’m good enough to be able to get into a company like PwC.’

Ruxshin’s mother says:

I’m very pleased with the opportunity she’s been offered and for her to gain the confidence, the skills and the attitudes that she requires for future employment. What I’ve seen in my daughter is a total change, she’s become so much more professional when she talks. I didn’t imagine Making The Leap would help her this much and make this time for her, so I’m really grateful for that

I am very happy for what you have done for her. It wouldn’t have been as easy for her to know how to apply and how people work in jobs. I think this has really changed her life, because she used to think it was such a big thing and now she knows she can achieve this.’


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