Want to work for the company that produces big-name shows like The X Factor, The Apprentice and Britain’s Got Talent? Well it could happen! If you’re 18-25 we can help you access an Office Runner role, an amazing start into a career in the TV industry.

If you can demonstrate a good awareness of TV shows, and are inquisitive, confident and eager to learn, you could be perfect for this position. You won’t need academic qualifications but you’ll need to be computer literate, and the ideal candidate will have lots of personality and enjoy creative/media outlets! You’ll work in their Central London office and be an essential link between the various departments. The role is for 6 months and after 3 months you’ll be given a mentor and the opportunity to shadow production staff.

There’s a minimum salary of £16k, as well as holiday entitlement.

Contact us for info

Call: 020 8962 1900
Text/ Whatsapp: ‘Interested TV‘ to – 07483 126 931
Email: ‘Interested TV‘ to: 16-25@mtl.org.uk

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