After graduating from university last year during the pandemic, I was nervous about what job opportunities would be available. After months of applying and having little success, I took part in the week-long Making The Leap virtual ACE workshop and completed this in September of 2020. 

This helped me gain confidence in my approach to completing job applications, in presenting myself well through video calls, and has helped me to enhance my CV skills.  

Since the course, I completed a two-month data analytics internship where I was able to showcase the skills I gained and developed. Once my time on the internship came to an end, I soon landed my ideal role as a Project Analyst working in London. By supporting me in building the confidence needed to excel both virtually and in person, as well as providing me with the resources to navigate the job search process, I can say that MTL has had a lasting impact on my life. 

By Sol

Sol and his MTL cohort

Sol and his MTL cohort during an Commercial Awareness workshop session

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