Before Making The Leap, I had recently graduated with a BA in Illustration. I was completing my studies when the pandemic hit, so it was even harder to find a job within the arts. I found out about Making The Leap through the Jobcentre. Through the Jobcentre, I contacted them, and the engagement team reached back out to me about when I would be free to take up the workshop with them. 

Getting to meet people who found themselves in a similar position to me was a highlight to my journey and having a sense of purpose when completing tasks was incredible, as this can be taken away when you are unemployed. Within the workshop, I learned that I needed to be prepared and complete applications with 110% effort. By putting your all into your applications you can rule out a lot of the competition. I now know that the long applications were really to test how interested you were in the job. 

After the workshop, a volunteer helped me read through my applications and inspired me to create even more. I also went to some MTL masterclasses that Krupa, my Career Champion, encouraged me to go to such as one by Snapchat. It was interesting to learn about the new medium of Virtual Reality. 

During my job search, I won a competition with a cosmetics brand where I had to deliver pitches and gained an internship with them – which was great as it helped me to put the skills I gained into practice. Now, I will be working as an Arts Administrator within a charity that goes into economically disadvantaged primary schools conducting art workshops. There will be opportunities to help deliver the workshops. I found out about the role through my Jobcentre as it was part of the kickstart scheme. I received support from MTL through the application process and got to practise my interview techniques with them. It was great to get a job with them and I couldn’t believe it as I had been applying for so long. They seem like a really friendly team, and I am excited that I will be making a difference with them. Since MTL’s workshop, I feel more confident giving presentations, and I also realised some of my strengths and the areas that I am still working on. 

In the future, I see myself working for an arts company but also selling my own artwork. To any young person who is thinking about doing the ACE Programme, sign up! I would say that it encourages you to keep pursuing your dream career, and it can provide you with opportunities that you might not have had. I would also say that it is important to keep doing your hobbies, or volunteer whilst you are out of work. Not only will it improve your wellbeing, but it may be of interest to a future employer. A huge thank you to all who have and continue to contribute to the charity – being employed gives a sense of worth, and MTL can really help along the journey in finding a job. 

By Tasmin

Tasmin's cohort

Tasmin and her MTL cohort.

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