London pupils introduced to leading UK universities

On 7-8 November, Making The Leap brought leading universities to London schoolchildren for our third annual Raising University Aspirations fair. The event provides pupils from years 8-13 the opportunity for meaningful interactions with universities. It also provides universities with a space to engage with children from across London, where they can give information and advice in a targeted way.

Raising University Aspirations encourages children to aim high. For younger pupils, this can often be a pivotal time to decide to focus on achieving academically, whilst for older pupils, a fantastic opportunity to choose a university, and to clarify any misconceptions they may have about higher education.

These events are often the first time pupils have heard of the Russell Group – at this year’s event, 60% had not heard of the group, and 98% of these pupils would consider applying to one as a result of attending Raising University Aspirations. 81% of pupils who attended also reported that they felt inspired to go to university as a result of the event. Their feedback highlighted the value of our event, for example, one pupil reported that ‘Learning more about the universities has really benefitted me and will allow me to make a more informed decision’ whilst another told us: ‘Now I’m going to do my hardest and going to get good A levels.’

Betty Campbell, Head of Educational Partnerships, said ‘This event helps university recruitment teams to provide targeted guidance to some key demographics, such as pupils receiving free school meals, and those from BAME backgrounds. We enhance these meaningful interactions by preparing the children with relevant questions to ask the universities. We invite UK universities seeking to engage pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds to contact us, to find out how we can partner with them.’

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