- Career Coach

I feel privileged to have recently joined Making The Leap as a Career Coach.

My role involves supporting the transformation of young individuals through the delivery of the ACE (Aspirations & Character Education) Workshop. This is a fantastic, well thought-through programme with a combination of activities and insightful challenges that result in our young associates obtaining key skills that will lead them onto professional success and personal development.
I believe there are many young, talented individuals in the UK who have left or are leaving school, college or university with a lot to offer. However, they may be feeling unsure of their next steps or facing personal challenges that prevent them from achieving their full potential. This is where Making The Leap can step in and offer guidance, support, training and a number of other services; acting as an holistic, go-to organisation for those coming from challenging social backgrounds.

My own personal experience has allowed me to appreciate the value of having a role model or a place to go for support during key moments in life. I arrived in UK when I was 11 years old and went straight into secondary school without being able to speak a word of English, leaving me feeling quite lost and alone, particularly when it came to making grown-up decisions like applying for my first job or choosing a career. I did not know how to prepare, how to present myself or even how to apply for a job. If I had known about an organisation like Making The Leap back then, my long, hard road (leading me to where I am today) would have been much more enjoyable. I did it through a lot of trial and error but one thing I have learnt is to be determined and keep challenging myself. Now I look at resources that can help me before feeling lost and alone.

An interesting fact about me:

I used to be petrified of heights, even the littlest ones, so I decided to face my fears – I jumped off a plane at 10,000 feet & did an amazing skydive, which somehow has done the trick and I am now able to visit places like the Burj Khalifa without much fear!

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