Changing young lives

Every year, we provide high quality training to thousands of 11-25 year olds from low income families in schools and communities in London. It works:


85% felt more prepared for the working environment


89% of participating schoolchildren said that as a result of the training they understood the importance of having the right attitude to work


70% of young adults who complete our workshop go on to secure career opportunities within six months.

What our Fellows say about the programme:

‘At Making the Leap the team are selfless, relatable and personable. I want to say thank you for helping me boost my confidence in my career path, gain the skills needed to take a step into the working world and always being there to support me!’

Vandana - 22

Digital Marketing Apprentice

‘I can honestly say I learnt more practical skills in the 3 weeks at Making The Leap than I did during my 3 years at university. CV workshops, mock interview skills with staff and corporate companies, leadership sessions and so much more.  I cannot believe they were able to fit so much content and corporate visits within such a short time. My mindset has completely changed.’

Wumi- 22

Move Consultant

What pupils say about the schools programme:

‘It has really opened my mindset to my skills and how they relate to me as a person.’

‘I have learnt that I should go above and beyond with achieving my goals. I have also learnt how everybody has different skills that make them special and unique’

‘It really helped improve my confidence.’

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