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Who We Are:

We are a London-based charity that improves social mobility by raising the aspirations of, and increasing opportunities for, young people between the ages of 11 and 30.



Our mission is to transform the futures of disadvantaged young people in the UK by providing training to raise their aspirations and develop their skills, behaviours and attitudes to choose and succeed in a career. We work directly with young people from deprived backgrounds in London, and we aim to increase our reach and impact through replicating our model with partners nationwide. We use what we learn in our delivery operations to raise awareness of the importance of social mobility among UK businesses and encourage them to take action to improve it.



Every young person in our country will have the chance to succeed; and every company, organisation and institution will have a part to play in making it happen.



These core values represent our guiding principles as representatives of Making The Leap:



Providing support to one another, working co-operatively, respecting one another’s views, and making our work environment fun and enjoyable.


At all times we act with integrity and professionalism.


We are passionate about our work and providing quality services for our young people.

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