Before my journey with Making The Leap, I had struggled to land my ideal job and found the job market very tough, especially given that I had just graduated with a Bachelors in Business and Management. It took me well over 4 years to land my ideal role, which was very stressful and at some point, I lost hope.

I came across MTL during the pandemic back in 2020 through a friend and I can say the experience during the workshop was very useful. I was able to learn a lot from the career coach, Natalie,  and the other young people. This was motivating and enabled me to build my confidence.

One of the best highlights during the workshop experience was doing a mock interview preparation with a volunteer from HSBC and getting feedback which was very useful. I also found doing a presentation in front of a large audience very helpful as that provided me with confidence, especially in my current and previous roles.

I am currently a Sales & Marketing Executive for a higher education institution. I found the role through Reed and similar job boards which I feel is very important so I highly advise reaching out to recruiters, and connecting with people via LinkedIn.

I am extremely excited about my new role and looking forward to gaining valuable experience and continuing to make a difference.

I received support from Jeremy who was my mentor and guided me throughout my journey. I honestly learnt so much about myself just from interacting with him on a weekly basis and that gave me the belief that I would land my ideal role.

I can say MTL is a great platform that provides you with all the tools you need to get into your ideal career choice, they provide you with so much knowledge, and support and share various job opportunities which is very good.

By Albert.

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