We hear from MTL Fellow, who completed the ACE programme late last year. Jasmin is now working for a financial consultancy firm and shares her journey below:

My name is Jasmin. I have a background in law and did my masters in Human Rights. For a very long time, I thought I wanted to be a lawyer. Before I joined Making the Leap, my friend Joanne told me, “There’s this amazing program you should definitely go on it”. I was a bit hesitant at first, but then I thought let me do it because I know I want to do law, but being dyslexic, I always felt that that’s not even something attainable for me.

Nonetheless, I went for the training programme, and those three weeks really changed my life. They gave me all the confidence to believe that I can definitely succeed. The mentors that I had were Krupa and Natalie, and they truly were my support system and told me that I can definitely succeed in this. And then an opportunity came with Ocreus, and they were a management consulting firm. I didn’t know about this entire field until I went for that Insight Day (hosted by Making The Leap), and I knew instantly that I didn’t want to be a lawyer, but I wanted to be a management consultant. That’s where my journey kind of all started.

One piece of advice I would give is that you genuinely will have people who truly care about your success, but not only care about it, they will also help you to achieve it, and they will be there with kindness, knowledge, and passion to help you.”

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