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After graduating from the ACE Workshop in August 2018, Umra completed the four-week Social Media Internship at Making The Leap. Having recently landed a full-time role as Partnership Coordinator at Comic Relief, here she discusses how her Making The Leap experience helped her to achieve her career goals.


After graduating with an Accounting and Finance degree, Bernard was struggling to get past the interview stage in his job applications. He discusses how the Making The Leap ACE Workshop helped him land a role as a Trainee Business Advisor at Richard Place Dobson.


I am 22 years old, from West London and a recent Business Management graduate from the University of Westminster. So far, all my work experience has been retail-based and I’ve never stepped into an office with a suit on, which has always been a dream of mine. I have...


It all started when I decided to change my career path. I’d always assumed I’d be working within the scientific field - it was my main focus from school to college and then studying Microbiology at the University of Surrey. Alongside this I had multiple creative...


I had a typical upbringing in south-east London – I went to a comprehensive school and then studied Psychology and Drama at Northampton University, graduating in 2017. When I finished university I was struggling to decide what I wanted to do. I worked for an...


Fresh from graduating University in 2018 I enthusiastically began the process of looking for employment but soon reached a stumbling block in the application process. I would send lots of applications for different jobs in the hope that one would eventually stick and...


After graduating from university with an average grade I felt really demotivated and lost. I thought I would have to start from scratch and go back to university, which was not financially feasible, to progress my career. I felt like the only options available to me...


Growing up, I did not have a particular profession that I wanted to work in. I enjoyed science the most and decided to pick Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Maths at A Level. However, as much I was interested in these subjects, I just couldn’t imagine myself working in...


Frankie, a Making The Leap Fellow from July’s Workshop, shares her story of how, after two years of unemployment and depression, the ACE programme helped her get the job she always dreamed of.


Abdul, a Making The Leap Fellow from February’s Workshop, shares his positive experience of the programme and discusses how Making The Leap helped him achieve his career goals and find a new job.


Eric, a Making The Leap Fellow from October’s Workshop, shares his positive experience of the programme and discusses how Making The Leap helped him achieve his career goals.


Making The Leap Fellow, Joëlle, shares her testimonial on the impact of the ACE Workshop, Careers Fair and ongoing support that Making The Leap provides. Joëlle is now on the path to achieving her career ambitions, working for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, thanks to the soft skills training and support she received.


Emmanuel, a Making The Leap ACE Workshop Fellow, talks about the benefits he received from our three week training course and offers insights into his internship at Madano.


I graduated with a degree in Accounting with Economics in 2016, but during my time at university I wasn’t really sure about my career plans and I was completely uncertain about what I wanted to do after I graduated. The only thing that I was sure of was that I wanted...

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