Success & testimonials


Making The Leap Fellow, Joëlle, shares her testimonial on the impact of the ACE Workshop, Careers Fair and ongoing support that Making The Leap provides. Joëlle is now on the path to achieving her career ambitions, working for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, thanks to the soft skills training and support she received.


I graduated with a degree in Accounting with Economics in 2016, but during my time at university I wasn’t really sure about my career plans and I was completely uncertain about what I wanted to do after I graduated. The only thing that I was sure of was that I wanted...


Ruxshin is a year twelve student at a Wembley school. Whilst in her spare time she takes a keen interest in property, cooking and quiz shows, she is also very focused on her future and has begun thinking about career options. When a friend mentioned they were thinking...

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