Before coming to Making The Leap, I was due to graduate from University and had no plans or any idea about how to break into in the graduate market. Through activities that allowed me to reflect on my education and where I wanted my career to go, the Workshop helped me to put a plan in place for myself and take control of my career.

Making The Leap was extremely influential in helping me build the vital soft skills that I needed to enter the job market. I felt confident and comfortable in my ability from practicing simple exercises like standing up and saying my name when talking. By engrossing myself in the Workshop sessions I was able to impress enough for Making The Leap to source an internship for me within a week of graduation, which I’m extremely grateful for! The confidence and professionalism I picked up from the Workshop put me in good stead when I initially arrived at Madano, where I carried out my internship.

Madano were keen on giving me exposure into the inner workings of their business functions. Immediately, I was present at client meetings and was even handling sensitive information. I did my best to take it all in my stride with the right balance of independence and open communication when I needed help. I found that the culture at Madano made me determined to produce a high standard of work and do more than was expected from me. The experience was invaluable in the sense that I learnt a lot about myself, who I am and where I want to be. For that, I owe a great deal of gratitude to Making The Leap for facilitating this experience and Michael Zdanowski for providing this opportunity.


Since completing his internship at Madano in 2018, Emmanuel has taken on a full time role CMC Markets. He had this to say:

“Firstly, I would like to say a big thank you to the team at MTL for helping me secure both roles, even more so given how quickly MTL were able to source the roles for me within weeks of graduating from my undergraduate studies. In the final 4 weeks of my internship, MTL (aware of my interest in financial services) had informed me that there was a position at CMC and encouraged me to apply for it. I had made sure to use the CV drop-in sessions offered by MTL and namely, the advice given by Kate. MTL had also contacted Harry, who at the time worked at Hedley May, and he had given me pre-interview prep and which was most definitely useful. MTL were very supportive during throughout my interview stages and this proved to be instrumental when it came to securing the job.”
“I currently work as a Data Privacy Analyst – working with all things related to GDPR. I have learnt a lot during my time at CMC and I will continue to learn with my new position. I am strongly in favour of CMC’s partnership with MTL and it fills me with joy whenever another fellow joins the organisation as it shows CMC’s commitment to social mobility. MTL has supported me in ways that I could not imagine and if anyone had told me prior to the workshop that I would have an internship and a job thereafter, I would not have believed it. It has been amazing and I am extremely grateful for the support that MTL has given me, especially the speed at which MTL operated at. MTL prepared me and gave me the confidence I needed for the professional workplace and made the transition to CMC seamless. I am very appreciative of all team at MTL and the work that they are doing to promote social mobility.”


By Emmanuel

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