I recently graduated from the University of East Anglia (in June) and studied Marketing and Management. In the first month of finishing my degree, I struggled to find jobs as I got to the final stages of interviews, but it didn’t progress any further. I found out about Making The Leap from my older brother, who was on the course before. Some of the highlights were meeting the other fellows as I still keep in contact with them to this day. The key skills that I have taken away from this workshop are my interviewing and public speaking skills. 

 I received a lot of support from my career champion, Krupa, who continues to hold meetings to discuss my progress at my new job. I am currently working for a software company called Egress, and I’m a business development representative. I found out about this opportunity through a three-week tech sales course (straight after the MTL course). Krupa was coaching me on how to improve my CV during this process. Getting a new job made me feel relieved as I’ve been looking for jobs and courses non-stop.  

The masterclasses MTL hold are helpful as I joined a masterclass about imposter syndrome just before starting my new job, which helped me see things in perspective.  I see myself being very successful in my chosen field (which is now tech). I have been telling all my friends how great Making The Leap is and how it would help them with their CV skills and personal development. I give a special thanks to Krupa and the whole Making The Leap team for the amount of effort and time they put into the workshop; I appreciate and value how much you all have helped me. 

By Jasmine


Jasmine's cohort

Jasmine and her MTL cohort.

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