When it comes to job hunting, attending career fairs is an extremely useful way to navigate the market. They are an excellent (and usually free) way to meet employers from a range of industries and learn more about the opportunities they have available.


Job fairs offer a unique and rare chance to talk directly with someone who works at a company before applying for a position. Through these networking events, you can ask questions, gain insights about the job application process, make connections and get advice about specific careers – all before making any decisions.


Not sure what you want to do for work? Career fairs are also the perfect place to learn more about a wide variety of career routes to take, and to find out what companies, industries and jobs exist. You might come away ready to apply for something you never even knew you could get paid to do.


You can sign up to our free Careers Fair which is taking place in October here:

So, what do should you do?

Bring a notebook

You will want to jot down all the contact details, vacancy and application information and other key details when talking to the hiring managers. So, make sure you bring a notebook and pen. This will also make you look prepared and interested, which is something that helps to make a great first impression.


Try and see every employer that is exhibiting

You never know when an opportunity may present itself, so go in with an open mind. Some industries might not sound up your street, but once you find out more about them your perception could change.


Introduce yourself

Practice a pitch – who are you and what are you looking for? Rehearsing beforehand might sound unnecessary but makes a huge difference to how you’ll be perceived. Go in with confidence, be memorable and remember to smile!


Ask questions

As important as it is for the company to assess whether you are the right fit, it is equally important for you to determine whether the organisation is the right fit for you. You should get to know them by asking them questions – think of some ahead of time too. Here are a few examples:

– What kind of training do you offer?

– Is there room for progression within the organisation?

– What is the work environment like?

– What does a successful candidate look like?

Dress to impress

Even though this is not an interview, consider how you want to present yourself when you first meet an employer. It is a good idea to assume your attire should be interview-ready, even if it a dress code isn’t stated on the event.


Making The Leap hosts an annual careers fair – The Social Mobility Careers Fair – a one-of-a-kind event that brings together young professionals from all over London and provides an opportunity to meet employers who are specifically looking to hire young people like you. If you’re interested in signing up – register your place here.

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