After completing our workshop and gaining experience as a runner at a TV production company, Sandra now works in Research Development and has published a poetry collection. 

My current role is a Junior Development Researcher at 72 Films which is a production company that creates factual documentaries/shows for companies such as BBC, Ch4, ITV, Amazon, Netflix & more.  

I got this role after having completed a TV Training course with MAMA Youth Project where we created a show for Sky Arts. I learnt so much about production and being a content producer/researcher and being able to make my own segment on the show made me realise even more how much I wanted to be in the TV industry. After this programme you get further support with placements- I had one as a ‘runner’ which was great experience for my current role. 

Seeing my name on screen felt surreal. It was my first TV Broadcast credit and for it to be on a Sky original show made me feel quite accomplished.

Making The Leap helped me with my interview process, and I used some examples from the workshop on my application and interview. It definitely made me feel more comfortable talking to strangers over zoom. 

The current job I’m doing right now has allowed me to network with so many people already and I’m talking to directors and producers every day and doing tasks for them- I’ve been having conversations with them all and they’ve been giving me tips & help and a lot of information about the world of production. Networking really is key which is something we learned at Making The Leap. 

If anyone is trying to get their foot into the TV industry door, I’m more than happy to talk to anyone because I finally got my foot in and it feels so freeing to be doing something I feel so passionate about. 

A few months ago, I also got my poetry book published called ‘Nymphaea’ and it’s available to buy online at most popular retailers. 

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