Here at Making The Leap, we understand the significant and invaluable relationships we have with our Corporate Partners, and we are always keen to hear about their personal experiences with us. We have reached out to Kingfisher PLC, an organisation that has supported MTL for the past year, and have spoken to Bruno Silveira, the Group Head of Compliance and Privacy there, to get his take on the relationship between Kingfisher and Making The Leap: 


Making The Leap is one of those social projects that deserve great credit and support. They are out there to really make a difference in the lives of talented young professionals who just need a good opportunity to shine. 


What has been your experience with MTL? 

My experience with Making The Leap has been mind-blowing. On top of the fantastic social work they do, they’ve managed to place a fantastic young professional, who’s had an excellent performance in my team. 


What has been your experience with the young people who come to MTL? 

In my initial meeting with Making the Leap they said they already had a few potential candidates interested in Compliance (my area of expertise). What I couldn’t imagine at that point was that I would select the first candidate I interviewed. I was so impressed with how prepared he was for the interview, and this was definitely due to the workshops organised by Making the Leap to prepare the young talents.”   


 MTL Fellow, Ekene, who graduated the ACE Workshop this year, was offered a three-month contract to work as a Legal Intern at Kingfishers PLC earlier this year, which has since been extended another 3 months. When talking about how MTL helped him into this role, he had this to say: “The fact that we (MTL) were given the opportunity to visit organisations that offered insight into a variety of industries was invaluable. After the program ended, the team helped me greatly with job applications and effective interview techniques. Which paid off, as I landed a position at Kingfisher PLC. 

Read more about Ekene’s success story, here. 

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