Aziza completed the ACE workshop in September of this year and has since secured a role with a financial management consultancy firm. Here’s what she had to say:

“My name is Aziza. Prior to Making The Leap, I was struggling to make headway with my applications. I got a lot of rejections for six months straight and made no progress. I came to Making The Leap thinking I have to do something different because I wanted to get different results. This was to start my career and it wasn’t time to mess about.

Aziza and her cohort on graduation day

I came to Making The Leap and what an experience it was! It wasn’t what I was expecting. The three weeks actually challenged me and made me better. It got me out of my comfort zone – I was quite shy and introverted and now I’m quite expressive and outgoing. My confidence was renewed and I now have gotten an internship at a financial management consultancy firm. This would have never been achieved without Making The Leap.

I implore you to go to Making The Leap and go for the three week ACE workshop, because as soon as you show them that you’re willing to put in effort, they will respond back tenfold.”

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