What is Moving On Up?

The Moving On Up project, funded by Trust for London and City Bridge Trust, and in partnership with BTEG, is an initiative designed to help young black men into employment. As a social mobility charity with 28 years’ experience in helping young people develop the soft skills they need to succeed in their careers, Making The Leap are one of the organisations funded to deliver Moving On Up to young black men across London.

Why young black men?

  • This demographic is the most under-represented in the job market – in fact, black graduates are more than twice as likely to be unemployed as white graduates
  • They are more likely to live in low income households
  • Black men with A-levels were paid 14% less on average than white workers with equivalent qualifications.

(Figures – BTEG/ Trust for London, 2014, and Institute for Social and Economic Research, University of Essex 2016)

How MTL supports Young Black Men

All the young men attend the soft-skills workshop and receive customised training specific to jobs. This would include company values, required aptitude tests, core competencies and any dress codes. Thereafter, the young men receive individual coaching after the soft skills programme. This is where they are supported with any of their individual needs.   This coaching is both work-related and pastoral, and would last for as long as required, to give them the best opportunity of securing the life-changing opportunity they are seeking. 


Case Study: Muz

MTL Fellow Muz now works for a wealth management firm as a result of the support we gave him. He says:

‘MTL generated the aspiration to want to go into this career path and helped me develop the skills I needed. There’s been so much expertise and so many valuable insights that have aided me. My confidence has grown certainly, and also the ability to conduct myself in a way that impresses other people.’

To read Muz’s story in full, click here

For all enquiries about the Moving On Up initiative at Making The Leap, contact:

Gareth Pryce
020 8962 1900

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