Before Making The Leap, I was defeated and my career goals were not clear. I had graduated with a first-class degree in Law, but I had yet to secure a full-time role in the legal sector, even though I had plenty of interviews. Consequently, I knew I needed help with my interview skills. When I was referred to MTL, first I was sceptical, but I decided to ‘’ feel the fear and do it anyway’’, and I am glad that I took the leap because it helped me a lot. 

During MTL, I met great people from different companies and the career coach, Natalie was simply amazing. All the activities we took part in were so fun and informative; consequently, they added to my professional growth. My confidence grew each day that I was in the workshop because I was surrounded by great people who were very inspiring. In addition, the workshop gave me a structure for three amazing weeks. I was sad that the workshop came to an end, but I knew that it was time to start applying everything that I learnt during the workshop. After the workshop, I continued to take part in activities, including the elevator pitch seminar with Hedley May volunteers, arranged by MTL because I was determined to improve my interview skills. In addition to the activities after the workshop, I was assigned to an amazing career champion. I was able to speak freely with the champion and they were very encouraging when I landed my current role. 

My current role is in the banking sector and my role has been so much fun because my team is very supportive and I learn new things all the time. I believe that MTL led me to this role. During the workshop, on the first day, there was a seminar with HSBC and I started to think that banking is quite interesting, so I began researching roles in the banking sector. Consequently, the week after the MTL workshop, I applied for a role within the banking sector and I managed to secure the role by using all the interview skills tips I had learnt during the workshop. During the workshop, I was able to take part in plenty of mock interviews with the volunteers and I believe the mock interviews prepared me for my interview for the role I hold now. I believe a career in banking is what I am supposed to be doing at the moment and I am happy with it, but I am also open to the fact that things change and I embrace change, so I am open to whatever the future has in store for me. 

My advice to young people is to be open in your career journey and aspirations because you should not limit yourself in a limitless world. In addition, take advantage of the help that is available during your career growth. I took advantage of the MTL workshop and it significantly helped me. 

To the volunteers, thank you so much. From the seminars and mock interviews to the career advice, the volunteers helped me significantly and I will always be thankful. 

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