Before Making The Leap (MTL), I was struggling with how to sell myself to employers and how to navigate my career path. I knew I had the relevant experience but never knew how to talk about myself or my skills in interviews or job applications. In October 2020, I completed Making the Leap’s Virtual ACE Programme. The course was run by Natalie who was always super friendly and welcoming – I especially appreciated how she got to know each and every one of us individually and was enthusiastic about all our different interests and career goals.  

At MTL, I always felt listened to and respected. The career guidance was always very tailored to what I asked for and they seemed genuinely invested in me and my future. When I told them I wanted to continue to transfer my skills to a charity or arts environment, they ensured all the help I got fitted that and I never felt pressured to seek out a career path that wasn’t right for me. Over the course, I completed mock interviews and mock presentations – and while at first scary – the exercises were fantastic at helping me to build my confidence and communications skills. Although a lot of the public speaking tasks (networking, presentations, and the job interview) initially made me nervous, after completing them I felt a lot better about myself and my abilities. I’ve always been self-conscious that my nerves show through in interviews, so it was very encouraging to hear positive feedback from professionals and peers. While these moments took me out of my comfort zone, the environment always felt very safe with feedback being constructive and supportive. 

Before MTL, I had never really considered my personal or professional ‘brand’ or how to sell myself through networking and LinkedIn. However, their help allowed me to completely transform my LinkedIn profile and made me much more confident in networking and connecting with prospective employers. 

Even after I had completed the course, I still received regular contact from MTL about masterclasses, job sessions, as well as regular one-to-one Zoom sessions with my Career Champion. These Zoom sessions with Betty were vital in helping me prepare for future job roles. In these sessions, I went through job applications as well as practised mock interviews that were tailored for the roles I was interviewing for. Betty was always super supportive and gave great advice and knowledgeable feedback that really helped me in my interviews. 

 It was great to know the team at MTL were still rooting for me and so positive towards me even after I had completed their course. These Zoom sessions in particular were key in developing my interview skills and boosting my confidence. They also really helped me remain positive in such a difficult time. With MTL’s guidance and help, I managed to secure a role at a charity initiative that helps those affected by crime and domestic abuse. I would 100% recommend MTL for anyone who is struggling to land the job they want or doesn’t know how to sell themselves in a professional setting. MTL provided me with a new-found confidence in myself and my abilities that I can’t thank them enough for. I’m so grateful for the excellent team at MTL and how they’ve transformed not only my view of how to navigate the job market but also my perception of myself and my skills. 


By Abigail


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