The partnerships we make at Making The Leap are so important and are incredibly invaluable to us, now more so than ever. These organisations share our philosophy of inspiring hope, empowering change and transforming young lives.

We reached out to GroupM, the world’s largest Advertising Media Company and an organisation that has supported MTL for five years. Over this time, they have hired some exceptional young people through MTL, to work either at GroupM or at one of their agencies. I spoke to Justine Zande, the Future Talent Engagement Manager, to get her take on the relationship between GroupM and Making The Leap. Here is what she had to say:

What has been your experience working with MTL?

“Over the years, we’ve had an opportunity to take part in various engagement events with MTL and we’ve always had brilliant experiences. The MTL team is always looking for new ways to support young people and are going above and beyond to make sure students’ individual needs are met. In the past, we’ve taken part in mock interviews, MTL-organised careers fairs, and delivered a workshop for young people, amongst other activities. It has always amazed me as to the care MTL employees provide to the young people they work with and listen to the specific needs we may have as a company.

I was pleasantly surprised, when, some time ago, when invited to take part in mock interviews’ event in one of the MTL partner schools, I had to undertake a training with MTL prior the event at the school. That showed the organisation’s commitment to the young people they are working with and it ensured all volunteers were prepared.”

What are the positive outcomes to working with MTL?

“There are a few positive outcomes. Events thrown by MTL not only help us open our doors to exceptional talent from diverse backgrounds, but also bring us closer together as employees of a company that wants to make a change in the way we engage with, and hire, future talent.”

How has working with MTL benefitted your organisation?

“I personally have had a chance to meet young people from the communities often underrepresented in media advertising business, and to support them through delivering workshops, taking part in mock interviews and introducing GroupM to these young people in MTL organised careers fair.

As a company, we’ve hired some talented young people from under-represented groups in media advertising through MTL. I believe that working with MTL has given us a chance to meet exceptional talent and made me more openminded as to where we, as a company, should be looking for those we want to see in our business.”

An MTL Fellow, Bindiya, 25, who completed the ACE Workshop in July 2019, and is now working at the GroupM agency, Mindshare, had this to say about her experience with MTL: “I networked and pitched myself to companies at the Social Mobility Careers Fair hosted by Making the Leap. This is where my career officially began. Mindshare was a company I was not aware of but, after speaking to the representatives, I was intrigued to find out more.”

Read more about Bindiya’s story here.


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