Whilst studying for her Masters in Social Work, Laura had the chance to work with vulnerable children. She became passionate about helping to change the lives of young people, and was motivated to work in this field. However, when she graduated, she found the social work jobs she wanted required a certain level of experience and struggled to find one. After a year of job hunting, Laura began to feel like no one would ever give her a chance.

Laura decided to enrol in our workshop. Many of the Associates in her group were aiming for corporate careers so she was unsure whether the programme could help an aspiring social worker like her, but decided to see what it could offer. She found herself surprised by how much it helped! She noticed her confidence improving, and making sure she was on time and dressing smartly gave her purpose and motivation. The workshop also helped her realise how much she cared about social work which made her even more determined.

We helped her rework her CV. She used this improved version to apply for a job and was immediately invited to interview. Mock interviews at corporate offices as part of the workshop helped her to develop her interview skills, and this practice made her feel more confident when it came to the real thing. She aced the interview, and shortly after graduating from Making The Leap, Laura was offered a job working with children, as a Social Worker. She’ll have many opportunities to progress in a field that she loves.

‘The thing I took with me from Making The Leap is that the people we’re competing with aren’t better, but they’ve been privileged to be exposed to better opportunities. We’re all capable: it’s how we set our mind-set. Give Making The Leap a chance and come to soak up everything because the attitudes we adopted here are all things that will help you in the workplace. I’ve grown as a person here: self-belief, confidence, motivation and resilience.

I got a job immediately, so I can only be thankful to Making The Leap. If it wasn’t for their CV clinic, I don’t know if I’d have got the interview, and if it wasn’t for the mock interviews on the workshop, I don’t know if I’d have got the job. Making The Leap opened up my eyes and showed me I’m more than capable of doing anything I want to achieve. Even if things seem hard, sometimes you need to go through the challenge to unleash your potential. Job searching was a challenge, but now I feel like I’ve conquered that, and come out of it stronger. I’m excited for the opportunity I have: I wanted this exact job and I couldn’t be happier! I think securing this job is my proudest moment to date.’

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