I graduated from university around 3 years ago now with a Politics and International Relations degree. I initially did struggle to get a job after university but managed to get a position at a think tank through networking at an event. However, the period in which I struggled most to find employment was just after the first lockdown started in 2020.

After consistently applying for jobs and writing countless cover letters, a friend referred me to the MTL programme because they had completed the workshop a few weeks prior and found it immensely useful. What I found most useful from the workshop were all the tips and tricks I learned in regards to preparing for an interview. I learned to articulate exactly why I wanted the job and confidently declare all the reasons why my qualifications, experience, and personal attributes meant I deserved to get the job. Preparing my answers to questions that might arise was something I had struggled with in the past. I also learned how to go about researching a prospective employer. So, I am immensely grateful to Making The Leap for all the training and support! 

I am now pleased to say I am a Client Strategy Associate in the Digital Marketing team of a leading e-commerce cloud platform and paid advertising company. I definitely see myself being in a leadership position in the future, and MTL empowered me to rediscover the ambition in me after so many months of lockdown and job searching. I believe that MTL has changed the way I interact with people in the (virtual) workplace, whether that be with colleagues, senior members of staff, or clients. I am now much more confident in my abilities and competence, which has changed how I conduct myself around others because I know that I deserve to be there and be heard.  

So, to all the young people out there either considering or already using MTL’s services, I would say take full advantage of all the support offered. Dedicate yourself during the workshop so you can compile a set of guidelines and valuable advice you can later always refer back to when you continue your job search!  

By Sheila

Sheila and her MTL cohort

Sheila and her MTL cohort.

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